Regina has lived in a number of different countries, had many interesting employment opportunities, and enjoys a wide range of interests but, most of all, she is passionate about animals and their welfare.

In recent years as a self-employed petsitter and dog walker, she has learned a lot. When you deal with multiple dogs and cats on a daily basis, each with its own unique personality, you develop an antenna that picks up signals from the pets themselves and their guardians. You sure do learn a lot; you continue to learn and you continue to grow, every single day.

She has seen how many pet parents are either uncertain, confused and even, at times, utterly overwhelmed by issues that affect their pets and the interaction between pet and human. And, there are times when they are unaware of the harm and dangers involved with mundane actions such as feeding and walking.

For this reason Regina decided to help those who seek reassurance, or answers, or to be steered in the right direction so that they and their pets can live together in harmony and be healthy, happy and safe.

The topics in this blog (and in her book “Perfect” Pet Parenting) cover ALL aspects related to “owning” a dog or a cat or both, including statistics, trends, scientific research, industry alerts, the law and lots of fun stuff, too. So, WELCOME, make yourself at home, and take your knowledge to the next level!