Totally mystified by this curious sight, these two dogs discuss human muzzles and try to figure them out. So, it’s the puppy who starts the conversation by asking, “What in the world is going on?” As you can see, mom simply gives her offspring an abbreviated, no-nonsense answer. However, a fuller explanation would probably go something like this…

Humans have muzzles and dogs have masks, or is it the other way round?
Humans have muzzles and dogs have masks, or is it the other way round?

Mask-Wearing People Confuse Puppy

“Well, first of all, I feel rather bad for our two-legged companions. The thing is, one day they’re told they don’t need to wear these weird things they call masks. Then a few weeks later, someone says they absolutely must put them on to stay safe from dangerous germs. It’s sad, really. That’s why they don’t know if they’re coming or going!

What People Did

“But, the important part I need to share with you, little one, is that they disobeyed orders. Oh, yes. They were told to stay at home in case they caught this horrible virus and spread it around to other humans. Not only here, but everywhere on earth. Just think about that for a moment.”

Eyes And Nose

However, still eager to talk more about muzzles for humans, the brave little dog approaches one of these strange mask-wearing people. “Hey! You look a bit scary. I can only see your eyes. But, I have an awesome nose and I will know right away if I’m going to like you or not. Please tell me, is this the new norm?”

“Yes, it is, little Laz. You look Hungarian, so I’m going to give you this nickname. I hope you don’t mind!

What Doctors Are Doing

“We need to protect ourselves and other people. For now, this is the best we can do. But the doctors are working hard to make a vaccine. You know, like the one the vet gives you to keep you safe from parvo, and rabies, and diseases like that. And then, only then, will you be able to see our faces again, little Laz.”

“Woof! Woof! Thank you, ma’am. I like you. You smell okay and my mom agrees. We have to go now. It’s dinner time. Bye! Stay safe!”

Together, let’s keep our precious pets healthy, happy and safe!  


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