Ball games are great exercise for dogs of all sizes. Photo by Ed Siasoco (aka SCFiasco, flickr)
You will rarely meet a dog that doesn’t love ball games.
Photo by Ed Siasoco (aka SCFiasco, flickr)

Today’s topic centers on physical activity and shows why dog exercise consistency is key to their overall wellbeing. 

Generally speaking, our companion canines need to exert a certain amount of energy on a regular basis. How much and in what way depends on many different factors that we will look at shortly and in detail. But, there’s no denying that bodily motion provides the benefits they need to be healthy and stay healthy. After all, we tell humans this all the time, and the exact same principles apply to the dogs in our lives.

Appropriate Activities

When it comes to choosing the kind of exercise for your pet, thoughtfulness and creativity can work hand in hand. For example, you should definitely factor in the breed’s DNA. A Siberian Husky has different hereditary needs to those of a Labrador Retriever. Also, think about your surroundings, and the climate. But, most importantly, dogs need physical activity that is fitting for their physical condition

Dogs Must Exercise Consistently And Regularly

On average, 20 minutes of aerobic activity daily is what your dog needs to lead a healthy life. That is the recommended time a pet parent should put aside for this purpose. Not only is it vital for his overall physical well-being, it also helps alleviate boredom and destructive behaviors.

Here’s the next point to bear in mind. Regardless of what type of exercise it actually is, at least some activity must be done each and every day. Also, even though your intentions are good, it’s not wise to over-indulge. And by that I mean, little or no exercise during the typical work week, then “binge” at the weekend. 

Now, think about what amateur and professional athletes do. They know that more injuries occur when physical exertion is not increased gradually. So, what do they do? They warm up and cool down, by stretching and prepping. Consequently, precautionary measures like these will minimize the likelihood your pet will suffer strains and sprains.

Walking proudly with his big stick is another form of exercise for dogs
Another form of exercise, this dog proudly carries his big stick



  • Walking briskly is basic good exercise that most pet parents can do.
  • Jogging is an ideal activity for more athletically inclined humans and canines.
  • Fetching a ball or catching a frisbee is easily done in the confines of a fenced-in back yard.
  • When dogs really enjoy the outdoors they often love to be their family’s hiking companion.
  • Swimming is a fabulous activity for a broad range of dogs that can choose how playfully or strenuously they want to participate.
  • Another outdoor option is having your dog trot alongside while you are bicycling. However, this does require thorough training and a high degree of caution for it to be safe for everyone involved.
  • Treadmill workouts are gaining popularity especially in areas that are prone to harsh weather conditions that can occur at any time of year. They also require training and extreme caution. And, if you didn’t already know, there are several treadmills designed specifically for canines. So go check them out.


  • Ball, frisbee, stick (inexpensive, exercise-promoting toys)
  • Hide and seek objects (be creative)
  • Set up an agility course (even a small, simple one for beginners and less energetic breeds can work wonders)


  • These include cardiovascular health, agility, reflex acuity, and muscle tone.
  • Exercise provides mental stimulation and is highly beneficial in the effort to control destructive behavior.

To Sum Up

Find out what motivates your dog. Have fun. Enjoy your quality time together. Be creative but, above all, be sensible. And, please make an effort to be consistent. A health, active dog is a happy dog.

Together, let’s keep our precious pets healthy, happy and safe!

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