Feisty feline Tara saved a four-year old from what could have been fatal injuries
Tara the hero cat in the arms of his human sibling, Jeremy

Yes. You read it right! This is our first story to feature a feline, and the headline says, “cat hero attacks dog attacking boy”. Actually,  it’s pretty amazing. So amazing, in fact, that Tara became an internet sensation. 

This is all because footage from the home surveillance video captured the entire incident. And two days later, viewers across the globe saw it. Most noteworthy is the fact that it became the first video in YouTube history to reach 20 million views in five days.

Hero cat Tara became a YouTube sensation with 20 million views in five days
Tara in action giving chase after the roaming dog attacked Jeremy and mom Erica

Cat Saves Boy From Dangerous Dog

The story about the cat that saves a boy from a dangerous dog has a mostly happy ending, and starts off like this.

On May 13, 2014, in Bakersfield, CA, four-year old Jeremy Triantafilo was happily riding his bike in the driveway of his home. All of a sudden, a neighbor’s dog (a Labrador/ Chow Chow mix) ran up from behind. It then bit him in the leg and started pulling him backwards. 

Tara, the indoor/outdoor tabby cat that the family adopted six years earlier, heard the commotion and raced into action. The protective kitty ran towards the much larger canine at full speed and body slammed it. Jeremy’s mother immediately rushed outside to the rescue but was also bitten. That’s before valiant Tara chased the aggressive dog away. Unfortunately, little Jeremy needed 10 stitches to his left calf. 

Some Unexpected Publicity

Nevertheless, in spite of his injury, the youngster was ready for a different kind of adventure. Fortunately for him, a couple of days later he felt well enough to participate in a media interview. Jeremy happily joined Tara and his parents on national television, on The Today Show. 

Praise For Tara 

This feisty feline, who is typically just as sweet as can be, has won several awards for her bravery. In addition, she became the first non-human to be named Grand Marshal for Bakersfield’s Christmas parade in 2014. Then later, on January 1st, 2018, Tara and her family were invited to appear in another celebration. This time, to ride in the Rose Parade on the Lucy Pet Foundation Paws for Life float honoring several other heroic animals. Such worthy praise for a cat that saved a boy being attacked by a dog! 


The owners of the young adult dog involved surrendered the animal to the local Animal Care Center. However, after the mandatory 10-day quarantine period for rabies, it was not put up for adoption.  And, sadly, due to its “vicious” behavior, it was euthanized.

Together, let’s keep our precious pets healthy, happy and safe!

Update – Another Must-Read Article About Tara

A few years after this incident, renowned cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy met this heroic cat and her human family

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