Tara first gains fame on YouTube. But after this feline hero meets Jackson Galaxy, she becomes even more of a celebrity. Here’s why.

Cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy was determined to visit cat hero Tara and her human family
Cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy was determined to visit cat hero Tara and her human family

Pet Parents Learn About Animal Heroism

If you’ve never seen a cat bodyslam a dog that is harming a child, you’re about to. This is an incident I wrote about last year but it actually occurred in May of 2014, several years before I even thought about launching a blog site. Although the main purpose of this endeavor is to help people caring for dogs and cats become the best pet parent possible, the range of topics has widened. I decided to introduce a little humor, as well as talk about working dogs and animal heroism. 

Now, when it comes to saving human lives, we usually think of dog heroes. However, what totally surprised me was discovering the stories of cats and their amazing heroic actions. And this brings me back to the story at hand.

A Timeline Of Tara’s Counterattack 

But before I show you the video of when Jackson Galaxy visits cat hero Tara, let me fill you in briefly about what Tara did exactly.

Four-year old Jeremy Triantafilo was happily riding his bike in the driveway of his home in Bakersfield, CA. A neighbor’s dog suddenly appears and is seen running up from behind the boy. It bites him in the leg and starts to pull him backwards. 

Adopted, indoor/outdoor tabby cat Tara hears the commotion and races into action. At full speed she runs towards the much larger canine and bodyslams it. Tara chases the dog away. Jeremy’s mother rushes outside to rescue her son. The little boy requires emergency medical attention. He needs 10 stitches to his left calf. But let’s remember one thing; the outcome could have been much worse.

For the very first time, a Los Angeles shelter’s Hero Dog award went to a cat!
For the very first time, a Los Angeles shelter’s Hero Dog award went to a cat!

Tara’s YouTube Sensation

As the above incident unfolded, it was all captured on the home surveillance video. Two days later, Jeremy’s dad decided to post it on YouTube and it was seen by viewers across the globe. In fact, it became a viral phenomenon for being the first video in YouTube history to reach 20 million views in just five days!

Renowned cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy was one of those viewers and saw the video multiple times. I am guessing he was so impressed by Tara’s split-second reaction and determination, that he decided he had to meet her. It was just a question of how to fit the trip into his exceedingly busy schedule. Finally he was able to work something out so that he and his crew could go to southern California.

Cat Hero Tara Meets Jackson Galaxy

So, eventually, three years later, Tara and Jackson meet and together they film a segment for the phenomenally famous television show on Animal Planet. Of course, Tara was not included in the behavior rehabilitation series called My Cat From Hell. Rather she now forms part of an exclusive roster of animal heroes in the section entitled My Cat From Heaven. It, too, is available on YouTube and here it is for all to see. Enjoy!

Jackson Galaxy went to California to film feline hero Tara so she could appear on his acclaimed Animal Planet television show in the segment “My Cat From Heaven”

Another Must-Read Article About Tara

Click here for the full story about Tara. It includes her appearance on The Today Show and some of the awards she has received for her bravery http://petpeevesunmasked.com/cat-hero-attacks-dog-attacking-boy/

Together, let’s keep our precious pets healthy, happy and safe! 

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