Southern New Jersey residents are thankful they can pick petsitting professionals like Lori Genstein
Southern New Jersey residents are thankful they can pick petsitting professionals like
Lori Genstein

You have pets at home, you’re going away, and you need to pick petsitting professionals you can trust to take care of them. What to do?

Most pet parents I know have tried out several different kinds of arrangements. And, when it comes to deciding what suits them, they analyze a variety of different factors. These include convenience, cost, reliability, safety and how their pets react to the experience.

One of the options available to them, of course, is 24/7 care by a professional (or not so professional) petsitter. So, let’s review  how to go about finding the right individual for you.

Pros For Your Pets 

When it comes to selecting who will look after your pets while you’re away, you need to ensure that they are thoroughly capable. Without exception, you should choose companion animal caregivers carefully and feel confident they are able to handle all situations. That includes a standard routine as well as unforeseen circumstances. In addition, it’s also wise to have a backup plan, just in case that designated person is suddenly unable to do their job.


Questions And Observations

No pet parent wants to be faced with an unpleasant surprise which is why you need to choose your companion animal caregivers very carefully. So, before you hire someone, I recommend you ask yourself the following questions.  And if for any reason you are doubtful, please do the necessary research or else move on.

  • Do they have positive interaction with your pet and does your pet feel comfortable in their presence?
  • Are they punctual or do they make excuses for showing up late?
  • Are they reliable or do they tend to be forgetful?
  • Do they fully understand your pet’s needs or are they likely to improvise?
  • Are they in good health or do they have any physical limitations?
  • Do they smoke or drink?
  • Are they safety and security conscious or are they dismissive and take risks?
  • Do they know basic Pet First Aid including how to give CPR?
  • Are they licensed, insured and bonded?
  • Do they have impeccable references?

To Sum Up

One final tip. When you’re about to pick a petsitting pro to care for your furry loved ones, I also strongly suggest this. Just as you would, or certainly should, before hiring a babysitter, do a background check. Don’t skip this step. You need to have complete confidence in that person. After all, you’re allowing them access to your home and handing over all responsibility for your dogs and cats to them when you are not there.

YOUR EXPERIENCE – Did your petsitter make multiple daily visits or provide around-the-clock care? How would you rate the quality of your experience? Please drop me a note in the comments section. I would really enjoy hearing from you.

Together, let’s keep our precious pets healthy, happy and safe!  

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