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Many of us are seeking justice for dog on dog maulings so that we can hold irresponsible dog owners accountable. We strive to make sure that we protect our companion animals at all times. Moreover, we certainly do not expect another domesticated canine to maim and kill one of its own species. 

When you become involved—directly, or indirectly—in an issue that resonates, you become determined to do whatever you can. It’s something that strikes a chord. That makes you want to speak out. And reach out. To consolidate ideas. Advocate for change. And help others.

My earlier blog entitled Are Current Dog On Dog Mauling Laws Unjust? describes an incident which occurred in August 2018. It involves Shih Tzu Rocky in Oldsmar FL. Here is the link

Below I now outline two other confrontations I heard about recently. These stories highlight the dangers to dogs and why the current laws are inadequate and need to change.

My Three Chosen Stories: Rocky, Buckles, and Reese

Many are now seeking justice for dog on dog maulings in every state. Here is Buckles after undergoing reconstructive jaw surgery
His jaw was shattered, tubed and wired shut after reconstructive surgery, but Buckles survived. Many are now seeking justice for dog on dog maulings in every state


August 2018. Buckles was a five-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that had been rescued from an abusive situation. As he was returning with his human from a trip to the park in Washington Heights, an off-leash dog attacked him. The other dog clamped down on his throat and then his legs. But, miraculously, he survived.

Buckles needed reconstructive surgery to his jaw which was destroyed and disfigured. It was tubed and wired shut for healing. Six weeks later he underwent a second surgery to remove the wiring.

At this time, I’m happy to report that Buckles continues to make a steady recovery from his horrific physical injuries. Nevertheless, he will likely be emotionally scarred for the rest of his life after suffering such a traumatic event.


November 2017. Six-year-old Reese, a Yorkipoo, was mauled to death by two large dogs. It happened less than a block from home, as he was returning from an evening walk. The dogs had been tethered by their owner but managed to break loose. In addition to that, they also injured the two people that were with him. 

According to the existing ordinance, Casselberry authorities could fine the owner at fault $27.50. Then, if it happened again, they could issue another fine, double that amount. Sadly, they would be unable to remove the dog(s) from the property. Nevertheless, the City was well aware of the danger since these same dogs had gotten loose before. They had even attacked other dogs and lunged at people walking along the sidewalk. Despite that, however, County Animal Control would be powerless to remove the vicious animals without the owner’s consent.

A Victory For Innocent Animals

Determined to fight for tougher laws involving dog aggression, and dog-on-dog maulings in particular, a friend posted a petition online. Subsequently, Reese’s owner, Donna Syracuse, presented her case before Casselberry officials and Seminole County leaders. At the hearing, they approved adding new language to the existing ordinance on domestic animals. And this would include higher fines for irresponsible pet owners.

Demand Stricter Dog Attack Dog Laws

Syracuse hopes that this ordinance will result in the following:

  • Improved communication between City and County officials to better protect citizens.
  • That if an animal that is running loose, and unprovoked, attacks or kills another animal or injures humans in the process, the attacking animal shall be immediately and permanently removed from the community.
  • And, if the dog’s owner has a documented history of possessing aggressive dogs, that individual should be banned from owning dogs in the future.

Step In The Right Direction

After reaching out to Animal Control of Seminole County, they told me that an amended Aggressive Animal Ordinance was executed. It is dated 10/3/18 and will be appear on their website soon. This is a positive step forward and I am sure that many of us will be waiting patiently to read it.

To Sum Up

Everyone involved in these horrific attacks is seeking justice for dog on dog maulings.

Rocky’s owners are struggling to pay off veterinary bills and set up a GoFundMe page. They would also like to sue the aggressive dog’s owner. Not only that person, but also the owner of the condo he was renting from, and the management company. And, eventually, they hope to advocate for new laws. Such laws would replace the current ones that do nothing to deter irresponsible behavior and help keep citizens safe. Here is one example of the law as it stands today. Even after filing a police report and going in person to Animal Control, the family was told this. That a dog is not deemed dangerous until a second dog-on-dog attack is reported. And even then, it cannot be removed.

As you know, Reese’s owner had to endure further heartbreak. She related her story in detail, yet again, in front of City and County officials. 

Buckles’ owner has also started a GoFundMe page to help with ongoing veterinary bills. They include costly reparative and reconstructive surgery.

My Closing Statement And Your Thoughts

  • Can’t there be laws that apply state-wide?
  • Why is it so difficult to pass laws at county level that are practical, logical and equitable? And ones that also serve the community at large?
  • Do more helpless companion animals have to die before proper justice is served? 
  • And, above all, how do we get this done and done right?

Finally, are you motivated to learn more about dog abuse situations in general, as well as fighting against dogfighting rings? For information about special humane officers and zero tolerance for cruelty, abuse and neglect, you need to check this out:

Together, let’s keep our precious pets healthy, happy and safe!  

As you have probably already realized, we aim to offer content that is focused and, at the same time, diverse. So we invite you to take a look at the following two stories that fit perfectly into the Animal Laws and Rights category.  

The first describes an animated short film about human compassion for animals that had never known kindness,

And, the second story tells how a municipality in Spain became the first in the world to enact a Bill of Rights for pets,


TWO BLOGS. ONE MESSAGE. Today I have an important question for you. Are current dog on dog mauling laws unjust? 

Maybe you haven’t given this topic much thought. Maybe you know little or nothing about animal rights and injustices.  Or how to use any available legal recourse when dogs attack other dogs, and even humans. But don’t worry. I can help change that, which is why I am now focusing on this newly-created blog category, Animal Laws And Rights.

My Angle

This blog is a departure from the types of stories I usually publish on my site. If what I write and communicate helps make a difference, I hope to continue featuring topics like these that catch my attention. 

My Community

When issues arise in your community, in your neighborhood, and in your county, you are more likely to act. I was appalled when I read about Rocky on my local Nextdoor online network. The incident occurred about one mile from where I live, in a community where I have had numerous pet clients over the years. I reached out to the family in question and offered to help in any way I could. 

That’s why I’m asking you to please comment and let me know what you think. In addition, I would be delighted if you told me about the injustices that are close to your heart so I can write about them, too.


My Three Chosen Stories: Rocky, Buckles, and Reese

Rocky succumbed to his injuries so I ask this question: are current dog on dog mauling laws unjust?
A vicious dog did this to Rocky which is why I ask if current dog on dog mauling laws are unjust?
Rocky succumbed to his injuries, so if current dog on dog mauling laws are unjust, they need to change
When a dog that is known to be aggressive is allowed to do this, a well-written, comprehensive ordinance needs to be applied


August 2018. On Friday the 11th to be exact, just past midnight, Olesa Fridman walked down one flight of stairs at her condo with her 15 pound, five-year-old companion. The downstairs neighbor’s 60lb dog ran out of nowhere and attacked Rocky, one of the family’s two Shih Tzus. 

Alerted by her screams, husband Oleg ran out and kicked the aggressive dog. It let go of Rocky who then took off running for his life. But, in full prey drive mode, the much larger, faster, attacking animal caught up with him and mauled Rocky a second time. Oleg chased after them and managed to kick the dog again. It released hold of Rocky but, despite his injuries, he was able to run away.

Neighborhood Search Party

Searching for him continued throughout the early morning hours until night-time, with only a two-hour break. Rocky wasn’t found until late that night but, sadly, he was badly wounded.

The Fridmans rushed him to the nearest emergency clinic where they took x-rays, cleaned his wounds, administered pain meds and antibiotics, and allowed him to go home. 

But Rocky’s condition was worsening. He required hospitalization and was taken to BluePearl in Tampa for intensive care. Possible leg amputation was mentioned but a full evaluation would be done in the morning by the surgical team.

Fighting Sepsis

So, Olesa and Oleg returned home but within a few hours, received a call with the worst possible news. Rocky had sepsis and was not responding to the antibiotics. His sugar level was so low they could no longer read it. His kidneys were failing. So they hurried back to the hospital with other family members to say their final goodbyes. 

But this opening story doesn’t end here. Please continue by clicking this link to read about two other mauling incidents that had rather different outcomes. And find answers to the question…are current dog on dog mauling laws unjust?

The Fight For Justice

Before I end, I want to stress that there are some amazing animal justice warriors out there. They fight 24/7. Like these, some are special humane officers and certified crime scene investigators. For a broader look at fighting animal injustice, please follow this Facebook page:

Together, let’s keep our precious pets healthy, happy and safe!  

We’d also like to recommend you read two other stories with a different look at the topics of animal laws and rights.

Firstly, an animated short film about human compassion for animals that had never known kindness,

And also about a place in Spain that became the first municipality in the world to enact a Bill of Rights for pets,


Animal Citizens Have Human Rights

A world first, this Spanish community recognizes animal rights for all dogs and cats
A world first, this Spanish community recognizes animal rights for all dogs and cats

It’s 2015, and a tiny Spanish community recognizes animal rights by enacting a Bill of Rights for pets. It’s a story about Trigueros del Valle, located in the northwestern part of the country, that has a population of only 300 people. However, despite its size, it makes history. That’s because this town is destined to become the first municipality in the world to give its “animal citizens” the same basic rights as its human counterparts.

Animal Rights Defined

The document in question is very significant. It includes statements like “all residents are born equal and have the same right to existence.” It also states, ”no non-human resident shall be exploited for the pleasure or recreation of man.” In this context the words “non-human residents” are defined as dogs and cats…at least for now. Nevertheless, that could expand and apply to other animals as well in the future.

Mayor Declares Animal Citizens Have Human Rights

At the time the Bill was passed, Mayor Pedro J. Pérez Espinosa commented, “Dogs and cats have been living among us for over a thousand years.” He added that his responsibility was to dignify the lives of dogs and cats and represent not just the human residents but also be there for the others. In essence, what the town’s lawmakers did was declare to the whole of Spain and the entire world that animal citizens have human rights. 

Centuries Ago This Happened

Giving a voice to the less powerful and less fortunate members of society is nothing new. Signed in England in 1215, the Magna Carta promised fair laws, gave everyone, even the poorest, access to the courts, and held the monarchy accountable for its actions.

Then, a few centuries on, we have the Bill of Rights of the United States of America. Enacted in 1791, it granted freedom of religion, speech and the press. It also gave protection from unreasonable search and seizure of property. And, in addition, established rights of the accused in criminal cases, and forbad excessive bails and fines as well as cruel and unusual punishments.

Humans Have Obligations

In many countries, when children are at risk, there are laws in place to help protect them. The reason being they have no voice and cannot defend themselves. Sadly, though, when it comes to protecting companion animals, it’s an entirely different matter. In so many parts of the world, even where laws do exist, they are often poorly enforced. And, also bear in mind the fact that when penalties are handed down by the courts, they are frequently far too lenient.

It really is time for communities large and small, across the globe, to step up and do the right thing. And, in this context, the right thing is to make sure that all animal citizens have human rights. They, too, are sentient beings and deserve their own Bill of Rights.

In Trigueros del Valle, animal citizens have human rights and Spaniards declare this town their Animal Capital
In Trigueros del Valle, animal citizens have human rights and Spaniards declare this town their Animal Capital

Domesticated Animals Deserve No Less

Just like the world’s first Bill of Rights for the dogs and cats that cohabit with the citizens of Trigueros del Valle, companion animals deserve no less than the following.

  • Basic right to exist
  • Right to a life of dignity and compassion
  • Given food, shelter and medical attention
  • Allowed to be the creature that nature intended
  • Recognized as a sentient being that has needs, feelings, emotions and intelligence, each with a unique personalty.

To Sum Up

It is my hope that other communities will replicate this historic achievement. All companion animals deserve dignity, protection and compassion. After all, it is their God given right.

To continue reading, we’d like to share an animated short film about human compassion for animals that had never known kindness

Together, let’s keep our precious pets healthy, happy and safe!

 Equal justice under the law should not only apply to the human race. Those principles also need to be used to protect the sentient beings who happen to be our companion animals. The following examples highlight what is wrong in our society and what can be done about it.

Please take the time to read about Rocky and what he and his human family had to endure.

Then we have the poignant stories of Buckles and Reese and the courage it took to fight for change.