Industry studies reveal what the biggest pet caring expenses are with food and treats topping the list
Industry studies reveal what the biggest pet caring expenses are with food and treats
topping the list

Being a pet “owner” is both a moral and a financial responsibility. And, the biggest pet caring expenses they generally incur are food and treats, followed by veterinary care and then pet supplies together with over-the-counter medicines.

Every year, industry studies conducted in the United States reveal the latest statistics and calculate how much a pet parent is likely to spend on their four-legged companion. Here are the current figures. For a dog owner, that amount will be roughly $1,641 per year per pet and for someone with a cat, around $1,125.

The Entire Pet Picture

While I was researching data about canines and felines, I also came across this. So I thought I’d include it, just for fun. How about if we take a look at expenditures for the pet industry as a whole? 

These are the costs involving pet ownership of the entire group, which includes other species…birds, fish, reptiles, small animals and horses. For 2017, the projected amount is a whopping $69.36 billion. This is an increase of 24.5 percent over the last five years. And, interestingly, these figures have risen steadily each year since 1994, when spending reached a much lower, but still respectable, $17 billion.

Health Care For Pets

When it comes to our dogs and cats, this matter is also of concern to humans…access to affordable health care. In fact, providing proper medical attention happens to be one of the biggest expenses related to caring for pets.

The Cost Of Aging

Nowadays, many of our pets are living longer. And, with this extended longevity come age-related health issues, such as arthritis, cognitive disorder, diabetes, renal failure and cancer. In some instances, the necessary specialized veterinary care and medications can be rather costly. Consequently, a lot of pet owners are purchasing health insurance for their companion animals which is yet another expense to factor in to the yearly budget.

Annual Expenses

The following is a breakdown of the most significant costs that are involved with pet ownership. They are based on statistics gathered from a number of different sources that are know to be reliable.

  • Vet surgeries

Dog: $474; Cat: $245

  • Routine vet visits

Dog: $257; Cat: $182

  • Food

Dog: $235; Cat: $235

  • Treats

Dog: $72; Cat: $56

  • Kennel boarding

Dog: $322; Cat:$164

  • Vitamins

Dog: $58; Cat: $46

  • Groomer services and grooming aids

Dog: $84; Cat: $30

  • Toys

Dog: $47; Cat: $30

To Sum Up

As I mentioned at the beginning, pet ownership is a big responsibility. Our dogs and cats have no voice. It is up to us to ensure they have everything they need to lead a full and happy life.


With 94.2 million cats and 89.7 million dogs, pet parents’ economic impact in the USA is considerable
With 94.2 million cats and 89.7 million dogs, pet parents’ economic impact in the USA
is considerable

Last week my blog revealed the number of U.S. families that have a pet. And today I want to focus on the significant economic impact that pet parents have. We’re talking here about an estimated 85 million households that have a dog or a cat, or both. Or even more than just a couple of pets. And this is a number that’s steadily growing.

How Many Pets?

So, what are we really dealing with here? Well, in this country (the USA), there are approximately 94.2 million cats and 89.7 million dogs that have a human family. This not only means that more canines and felines have a home, which is a very encouraging trend in and of itself. It is also resulting in an increasing demand for products and services related to their care. Simply put, animal lovers are boosting business!

Products And Services For Pets

Pet parents’ economic impact is measured by their demand for products and services which is determined by lifestyle and empathy.  

As you will have read in my very first blog, we are treating our companion animals as true companions and members of the family. They live indoors, not in the outdoor kennels of decades past. Many are allowed to sleep on the bed. And, if their caregivers love the outdoors and the water, Fido will join the family on boat rides while he wears the latest technology in doggy life jackets.

As a result, pet guardians who are financially secure tend to choose products and services of higher quality. These include food, grooming, toys and medical care. Really what they are doing is treating their four-legged family members just like they would a child.

Business And Job Opportunities

Business in the pet sector is booming. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities in the pet industry are expected to grow 11 percent over the 10-year period from 2014 to 2024. And, interestingly, businesses are employing people of all ages with a wide variety of skill sets. Sought after positions range from retail assistants, certified groomers, administrative personnel and highly specialized veterinary surgeons.

This, of course, also creates business opportunities for entrepreneurs who can zero in on an innovative idea and offer something that consumers will craving for. Success stories that readily come to mind are treadmills specifically for dogs to exercise indoors and de-shedding tools designed for long-haired cats.

To Sum Up

It is this bond between humans and their companion animals which is the driving force that has boosted the pet industry and this area of the economy. It’s a fact that is very noticeably in the messaging of so many advertising campaigns. 

For more on this topic, please join me next week when we analyze how much people are spending on their pets. There are some very interesting statistics. You won’t want to miss out!

Pet Peeves Unmasked Blog Mission

Pet Peeves Unmasked Blog Mission is to give followers access to information they can trust and help them care for their dogs and cats
The Pet Peeves Unmasked Blog Mission is to empower pet parents everywhere


My Mission

When you visit this page, the first post you will see is Pet Peeves Unmasked Blog Mission. That’s because the whole purpose behind each and every one of the posts I write is to push you gently to become the best pet parent possible! That’s the blog mission. And, that’s my personal mission.   


“Perfect” Pet Parenting

Furthermore, I have written a book entitled “Perfect” Pet Parenting that covers all aspects of caring for dogs and cats. It is based on my personal experience as a pet caregiver and incorporates the expertise of professionals who focus on specific areas of a companion animal’s wellbeing. This blog site contains extracts from my book. 

One of the biggest advantages of managing a blog site is that posts can be edited, updated and published at any time and as quickly as needed. Blog followers are hungry for knowledge and like to have access to the latest information in a matter of seconds. Consequently, they are faithful followers when they have sources they can trust that give them the tools to improve their life and the life of those close to them. 

Your Empowerment 

Pet Peeves Unmasked Posts covers a very wide range of subject matter that is organized into groups. Each blog is then filed in a specific category which is located in the right hand column of this page. 

As you will notice, group topics are extremely diverse. Animal rights and adopting. Breeds and body language. Gentle leaders and leashes. Dry food and water bowls. Vaccinations and CPR. Walking and dog parks. Pet sitting and pedicures. Car rides, air cargo and boarding. And, I mustn’t forget to mention the heart-warming stories of some amazing, heroic dogs and cats. 

Our Bond

Lastly, I want to encourage you to leave comments and suggestions because when we all work together, we can all keep our precious pets healthy, happy and safe!