Have you ever researched “Cancún dog rescue” and seen “Cancún dog rescuer saved Chica”? Well, I’m Chica, Chica the Mexican Doberman survivor. The rescuer is Héctor, my dad. And I must include Carla, because she’s my mom and loves us both very much! Well, daddy and I have lots to tell you, so please, please stick around to hear the whole story.

Chica the Mexican Doberman survivor provides support for her adopted sibling, Tasha, right
Chica the Mexican Doberman survivor provides support for her adopted sibling, Tasha, right

A Team Of Two

So, you just read Chica’s introduction to this blog which is the last in a six-part series. It mentions some of the heroes who work with street dogs in a specific area of south-east Mexico. 

What I intend to do here is point out that not all rescues and rescuers work alike. But they do have a common goal. They all strive to serve the animals in a region where the human population is struggling with severe economic hardship. These heroic people work separately, but together, to make meaningful and lasting change where it is so desperately needed.


The First To Be Saved

First there was Chuchis, a pit bull, heart worm positive, on death row at the local pound. Then came Akela, a Mexican Hairless that was going to be donated to a zoo. Next there was Tasha, a Doberman puppy kept at a warehouse where Héctor was shopping. And then followed Charlie (named posthumously), who he picked up off the street but, sadly, died the same day.

The dogs I just mentioned were adopted by Héctor and his wife Carla and welcomed into their own home, regardless of expense. And let’s not forget that when an animal is suffering from neglect, medical treatment can often be very costly.

On this special day Chica’s mom, Carla, got plenty of hugs from her adopted and rescued kids
On this special day Chica’s mom, Carla, got plenty of hugs from her adopted and rescued kids

Further on, you will hear Chica’s story, one of abuse and a future of certain death. However, because she is alive, Chica the Mexican Doberman survivor educates, advocates and shares her aspirations.

Small Is Mighty And Full Of Heart

Héctor Navarro, the Cancún dog rescuer who saved Chica, talks to PetPeevesUnmasked, and explains his work. “I rescue but I am not really a rescue (organization). It’s only when the situation is too dire or when I run across a dog in danger that I will take it in. Mostly I provide support for several different rescues and rescuers.”

Together with his wife Carla, this small-scale effort is measured, effective and admired by all who know them. However, their work is not without its stressful moments when critical situations present themselves.

As you will have noticed, this couple has adopted a limited number of dogs they themselves have rescued. In addition to that, however, the couple will also foster an animal until it can be placed safely elsewhere. This will occur only when an exceptional case needs to be dealt with urgently.

“Sometimes I help catch dogs, take them to get medical treatment, and pick up and deliver supplies,” Héctor explains. On top of this, he obtains medical certificates for canines to travel abroad. abroad. And, quite often, he will also transport them to the airport for flights up north. 

Héctor, who is known as the Cancún dog rescuer who saved Chica, is a dedicated dad to many
Héctor, who is known as the Cancún dog rescuer who saved Chica, is a dedicated dad to many


Chica’s Story Retold

Let me mention something really quite significant. If it weren’t for these three people, Chica’s story would have had a very different outcome. But fate brought them together. In 2012, this eight-month-old Doberman was rescued from a horrible situation. She couldn’t eat, couldn’t drink, and couldn’t regulate her body temperature, all because she couldn’t open her mouth. It had been taped shut! Moreover, she couldn’t even cry out for help. Miraculously, though, some very caring and determined citizens saved her. And, because of their actions, this pup has been enjoying an amazing life ever since.

Chica the Mexican Doberman’s abusers did this and were “bribed” to surrender her
Chica the Mexican Doberman’s abusers did this and were “bribed” to surrender her

It turns out that a very concerned neighbor had observed the situation and attempted to rescue her. She climbed over the fence of the property where Chica was, but got caught. However, she managed to take a photo and posted it on Facebook hoping that someone would help.

Social Media’s Uniting Force

At the time, Héctor and Carla were talking about adopting another Doberman. Then, when his wife went out of town for a few days, he decided to search for one on the internet. That’s when he came across the photo of Chica and a desperate plea from the anonymous neighbor. After hours of researching and emailing, Héctor was getting nowhere. There was an obstacle slowing down the rescue. Cancún (south-east Mexico) is 1,400 miles away from where Chica was located in Tepic, in the state of Nayarit (north-west Mexico). So, what did he do then? He got on a plane!

The Tepic Connection

When Héctor arrived in Tepic he was introduced to Miguel Dibildox, a Scout leader who provided medical attention to rescue dogs. Dibildox knew of the woman who had tried to rescue Chica. He got a name and a number, and Héctor made the call.

Fernanda Janine Luna answered the phone, agreed to go to the property and offer money to the abusers in exchange for the release of their dog. Several hours later, Héctor got the call he’d been anxiously waiting for. Chica was safe!


What Happened To Me

I was still a puppy when I was punished. My “guardians” didn’t play with me. They never taught me good manners, or show me what not to do. That day, I just wanted to have a little fun and grabbed some laundry that was drying on the clothesline in the yard. You see, puppies are very active and have a lot of energy. How could I possibly know that was wrong?

Now comes the sad part. Instead of applying what doggy experts call positive reinforcement, they punished and sentenced me to a slow, agonizing death. You see, these angry, ignorant humans grabbed a roll of duct tape and wrapped it around my mouth. But I am Chica and, as you already know, I am Chica the Mexican Doberman survivor.

Here is Chica doing her favorite thing, walking on the beach with dad and pals
Here is Chica doing her favorite thing, walking on the beach with dad and pals

I’m On A Mission

My mission in life is to raise awareness to make animal abuse a thing of the past. Together with my mom and dad, I help rescue abused animals and educate people so we can end their suffering. By following my story and spreading the word, you too are part of a movement to rescue other abused doggies.

What I Enjoy Most

  • Going to the beach. 
  • Having fun with my brothers and sisters.
  • Making friends and meeting nice people.
  • Helping doggies, rescues, organizations, local shelters, and anyone I can.
  • Ice cream, but don’t tell anybody!

The Canine Messenger

Only someone who has been abused knows what that really feels like. Others can be sorry, even horrified, but the experience is everything. I am safe and happy now but many are not. I am counting on all of you to act and do what it takes to change lives…our lives!

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To Sum Up

Here are the people who deserve credit for the efforts described in this week’s blog. They are the heroes. Thank you for what you do!

– Héctor Navarro, Carla Cabrera, Chica and her fellow canine team members who help the other rescue animals they meet

– Fernanda Janine Luna

– Miguel Dibildox

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey into Mexico these past few weeks. Please drop me a line if you have suggestions for other stories you’d like me to cover on this blog site. Thanks for being here.

The Complete Series

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Together, let’s keep our precious pets healthy, happy and safe!