It’s 2:00 am and the family is asleep, but TatorTot becomes a true canine hero and detects a child’s health crisis. 

This all happened in the early hours of the morning. However, instead of being fast asleep, this pit bull rescue pup was alert. Instinctively he realized that his human sibling, four-year-old Peyton, was having a life-threatening episode. And, thanks to him, the little boy got the speedy and vital hospital attention he needed to survive.

Best buddies Peyton and TatorTot, the canine hero that detected the child's health crisis
Best buddies Peyton and TatorTot, the canine hero that detected the child’s health crisis

Introducing A New Blog Series – Pet Hero Stories

Across the world, people love to hear about pets that are true heroes. So that is why, from time to time, I’ll be publishing an ongoing series of stories about these pets. They illustrate the intelligence, loyalty and compassion that companion animals show towards other animals and humans, And they certain deserve our admiration and respect. Here’s the first one. Enjoy!

Pit Bull Rescue Pup Saves A Life

In 2013, TatorTot was a high-energy, pit bull puppy being held at a Minneapolis, MN, municipal pound. Just before he was scheduled to be put down, a local rescue organization pulled him. He then spent time with a foster family so they could prepare him for eventual adoption.

What follows is simply amazing when you consider the timeline of events. And, in addition, the fact that after being classified unadoptable, this heroic pet gives the alert to a boy’s medical emergency and helps save his life.

TatorTot never leaves Peyton’s side even at nap time
TatorTot never leaves Peyton’s side even at nap time

He had only been at the Smith household for four days when Christi’s four-year-old son, Peyton, suffered a severe low-glycemic episode while he was sleeping. At around 2am TatorTot was running around trying to alert the family that something was very wrong. When his mother got up she found the pup on Peyton’s bed, barking, pawing him and licking his face. Her son was unresponsive and barely breathing. Christi rushed him to the ER where he was successfully revived. However, if the boy hadn’t received medical attention in time, he could have had a seizure, gone into a coma, or simply not have survived.

No Training, Just Instinct

As most of us know, medical-alert dogs generally undergo training but, instinctively, TatorTot knew what to do. And, for his heroic action, he was given the PETA Heroic Dog award, a Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association Hero Award and the City of Brooklyn Park Mayor’s Good Canine Award. Wow!

One of many awards given to TatorTot, the heroic pet who alerted a boy's medical emergency
One of many awards given to TatorTot, the heroic pet who alerted a boy’s medical emergency

In Memoriam

Up until recently this amazing dog enjoyed a life filled with fun and adventure in his adopted home with the Smith family. But sadly, he became very ill and on May 1st 2017, aged four, he succumbed to lymphoma. Nevertheless, this canine hero, who detected a child’s health crisis, will forever be remember as an inspiration to all mankind. RIP, sweet TatorTot.

To Sum Up

We love our companion animals and they never cease to surprise us. Their intelligence, loyalty and compassion towards other animals and humans is amazing. For more dog and cat hero stories in the coming weeks, please stay tuned.

Together, let’s keep our precious pets healthy, happy and safe!  

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