When I launched, my first three articles dealt with spotlighting pet care trends using the latest statistics. That was almost three years ago. And, as you probably know, it takes months for statisticians to gather and analyze the data. As a result, it’s never really up-to-date.

Nevertheless, I try to keep pet parents everywhere informed—particularly those in the USA—to help them make positive choices. So I am now publishing what I have researched these last few weeks. Altogether there are four articles. I hope you enjoy them and are also motivated to join in the open discussions.


Despite a lot of generalized market negativity due to Covid-19, Australia is doing pretty well in the companion animal sector. Even some major Australian Stock Exchange-listed companies are diversifying and investing in all things pets. So I thought I’d share some highlights from a business article on the latest animal care tendencies over there.

Only Organic

Humans obsessed with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eat only organic food, want their dogs and cats to do likewise. No more kibble and canned food for them. Instead, they nibble, or inhale, food that has real nutritional value. And, plenty of vitamin supplements, too.

Competing For Followers

Without the necessity to commute, pet parents have extra free time to spend with their four-legged companions. As a result, they are spending more on toys and outfits, and posting images and videos on Instagram.

Permanent Presence

And, finally, the pet preservation business is booming. No more burials for your beloved fur kid. Instead, grieving pet guardians are choosing individual cremations or whole body freeze drying. On Australia’s Sunshine Coast, a taxidermist now offers this relatively new technique because it achieves a more realistic facial expression. He states that this service now represents 30 percent of his business, and it is growing. To see photos of the work being done by Markus Michalowitz and his team, go to

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Believe it or not, dog waste disposal bags are spotlighting as an important environmental pet care trend
Believe it or not, dog waste disposal bags are spotlighting as an important environmental pet care trend


You are probably wondering why I think this topic is worth spotlighting as a pet care trend. Well, it all comes down to doggy guardians wanting to do the ecologically right thing. They aren’t looking for rolls of just any type of plastic. Many are seeking out bags that are labelled biodegradable or oxo-biodegradable. But, here’s the catch. Not all items are created equal. Savvy consumers will soon want to see on the packaging words like totally degradable, degrades quickly, and earth-friendly. So just wait. Before too long, manufacturers will be seriously competing for this particular market niche. And, cats come next!

Since the number of cat pet parents is growing, manufacturers of kitty litter want to keep up with demand
Since the number of cat pet parents is growing, manufacturers of kitty litter want to keep up with demand


With an increase in the number of people owning cats, there might not be enough kitty litter in the stores. So, when current supply cannot meet the demand, increased production is called for. And, because some manufacturers are facing this situation, they are taking action. For example, Purina will be investing $182 million to expand its manufacturing facility in the state of Virginia. It’s here where they produce Tidy Cats products and work is due to be completed by late 2023. As we all know, our felines are meticulously clean and want their boxes to be scooped and refreshed frequently. Unhappy cats act out and we sure don’t want that to happen!


Millennial couples may not yet have children before they get married but many of them do have pets. And, because the bond between animal and human caregiver is so strong, a special kind of pre-nup has evolved. It’s called a pet-nup! And, it’s becoming increasingly common.  Splitting up and divorcing is not always amicable. As a result, when things get ugly, people fight over possessions, and kids, and…animals. So, to guarantee a happy future for their furry family members, a prenuptial agreement is a good way to go.

Has anyone reading this ever drawn up a pet-nup? And, do they know of a situation where the outcome made the breakup a little easier for all concerned? Please let us know at

Pet-nup? Well, it’s like a pre-nup agreement that manages companion animals in a breakup
Pet-nup? Well, it’s like a pre-nup agreement that manages companion animals in a breakup


Traveling with their four-legged family members is a trend that spotlights how caring for pets can be innovative and versatile. Due to the pandemic, people with a good, steady income have been buying RVs to get away from it all. At least this is what we have been seeing in the USA. They can escape their mundane indoor routine and have the ability to travel safely as a complete family unit. 

Pet Paraphernalia

Naturally, those in the pet industry have been noticing this development and seeing an uptick in sales of certain products. What exactly are pet parents purchasing? Well, items like vehicle safety restraints, collapsible food and water bowls, disposable litter trays, inflatable paddling pools… After all, having a well-integrated family member means catering to their every need. Just as if they were a child or other human relative. And, this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Pet guardians are discovering new ways to relax, de-stress and enjoy nature.

Are you RV-ing with your pets? I know three couples and a widow who are, accompanied by their dogs and cats. Do drop us a line

One of the latest animal care tendencies in the Covid era is families taking pets with them on RV trips
One of the latest animal care tendencies in the Covid era is families taking pets with them on RV trips


You have probably heard of the Swedish music streaming service provider, Spotify. Well, they did their homework and found that eight people in 10 play music for their pets because they enjoy it. And, also learned that almost half of them believe that music relieves stress especially if they suffer from separation anxiety.

So this company took steps to fill a void in the latest animal care tendencies by creating playlists for pets. But these are no random collections. They did extensive research in order to compile many options of tunes and sounds that fit the exact needs of a pet. Pet parents can pick just the right product according to animal category, breed, behavioral history and personality.

I can’t wait to hear from a reader who’s used a personalized Spotify playlist and if their experience has been a positive one. So, please get in touch

On A Personal Note

As an experienced professional pet sitter, I know the effect that certain noises have on companion animals. Some music, sounds, and the spoken word are often entertaining and soothing to canines, felines and avians. However, the appropriate choice is really important. Some birds I take care of like to bob to pop and others dig the beat of hard rock. Most importantly, I would recommend staying away from sports events with yelling crowds and over-enthusiastic commentators. I tend to put on easy-listening vocals, and calm classical pieces, but my first choice is definitely music for meditation!


With 1,500 stores across the United States, Petco has an aggressive agenda. By the end of 2025, they are hoping that 50 percent of all the products they sell will be sustainable. So, to understand this concept better, here are the five sustainability pillars outlined in their initiative. 

Firstly, there is Responsible Manufacturing, which addresses manufacturing practices during production. Next comes Sustainably Sourced Materials, a preference for products made with materials like organic cotton or recycled nylon. Number three, Sustainably Sourced Ingredients, favors food/treats prepared with environmentally friendly ingredients. After this comes Responsible Packaging, and highlights packaging designs that allow refilling with the same product or for other uses. And finally, they mention Animal Welfare, to help ensure that animals are treated humanely and items meet Petco’s cruelty-free standards.

My comments on this matter are as follows. The message is persuasive and can do a lot of good. But when dealing with negative environmental impact, safe food ingredients, and animal cruelty, there is a lack of accountability. Real, positive change happens when you tackle the root of each problem. What is your opinion? Please share

To Sum Up

Coming up soon I’ll tell you the changes that are happening in veterinary medicine. And, a little further down the road, I’ll be talking about pet food trends that are significant, amusing, and controversial. See you next time!

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