This pet hero helped save a man from drowning in Northern California
Moe, the Golden Retriever, watching all that goes on at the marina

It’s all thanks to dog hero Moe that a drowning man was saved. Because if it hadn’t been for a very alert Golden Retriever who was in the right place at the right time, and raised the alarm, this incident could easily have ended in tragedy.

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet, a few weeks ago I launched a special section on this site about pet heroism. What you see here now is the second such article about the heroic actions of both dogs, and cats. And, we look forward to sharing with all of you, a lot more inspiring stories about our pets. So much more than simply furry companions, they are sentient beings with a greater purpose.


Drowning Man Saved By Heroic Dog Moe, Senses Danger

In January this year, an elderly man was taking an early morning stroll along a marina in Northern California. To be precise, the location was Pittsburg, which is some 40 miles northeast of San Francisco. However, his walk stopped abruptly when he slipped and fell into the water.

Fortunately, though, Moe happened to see the incident and began barking profusely. At the time his owner was still asleep but the noise woke him up and he immediately knew that something was wrong. The “Golden’s” Dad rushed outside, saw the senior struggling in the water, and managed to help bring him to safety.

Pittsburg PD Meets The Hometown Hero

Moe, the heroic Golden Retriever, was happy to receive treats of gratitude from local law enforcement
Moe, the pet hero, was personally thanked with treats by officers of the Pittsburg (CA) Police Department

Always ready to recognize acts of valor carried out by members of the community, the Pittsburg Police Department paid a visit to Moe and his human family later that day. K9 Officer Morris and Sergeant Law were able to thank Moe personally for his lifesaving act and give him some treats. They also said this to him, “Good job, Moe! We are proud to say you really are a hometown hero!”

Subsequently, the PPD published a Facebook post about what had happened. They wanted to make sure that everyone in the area could read this great story with a happy ending. How dog hero Moe had saved a drowning man!

To Sum Up

This article is just one example of the intelligence, loyalty and compassion that companion animals show towards other animals and humans. They are so very worthy of our admiration and respect. Stay tuned for more dog and cat hero stories in the coming weeks.

Together, let’s keep our precious pets healthy, happy and safe!  

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