Sniffer dogs like this Spaniel help track down illicit cigarettes and loose tobacco in the UK
Spaniels are frequently used in the UK to detect toxic, spiked cigarettes

Spaniels Are Doing The Sniffing

In our latest Working Dog Heroes story, we highlight the work of specially trained dogs that detect spiked cigarettes. And, in the U.K., it so happens that many of these wonderful dogs are Spaniels.

The supply and demand for cheap, illicit and extremely harmful tobacco products has reached a new high across the pond. However, despite the challenges that law enforcement faces to apprehend the culprits, their job is now a whole lot easier. After all, it’s these sweet-natured canine heroes who have made this possible.

Tainted Tobacco Sniffer Dogs

Both purebred and crossbred, Spaniels are being used to detect spiked cigarettes and loose tobacco. In addition, they sniff out legitimate merchandise that is smuggled into the country.

Sometimes these sniffer dogs wear bodycams that document their work and the public can then view the released footage. The result is a heighten awareness of the health dangers caused by smoking tainted tobacco. And, hopefully, a reduction in the supply and demand of these products.

Targeting Central London

In recent months, police conducted a raid at a hair salon in the heart of London’s West End. The dogs discovered nearly 30,000 fake cigarettes hidden in suitcases inside Lego toys and laptop cases. 

Scamp And Phoebe

I read recently about another seizure in the East Midlands county of Northamptonshire that took place a few years back. To my delight, the article mentioned the two dog heroes. The name of the first one is Scamp, a Springer Spaniel. The other, called  Phoebe, is a Sprocker Spaniel, which is a cross between a Springer and a Cocker!

Dangers And Loopholes

It’s necessary to point out that there are a number of serious concerns related to products such as these. For instance, they are cheaper than genuine ones and can reach more consumers, especially juveniles, But not only that. They are also dangerously toxic. Analyses show that they often contain elevated levels of cancer-causing chemicals, such as nicotine, tar, lead, cadmium and arsenic. Even more shocking, lab technicians have also found unsanitary ingredients as gross as rat droppings and camel excrement mixed in with the tobacco.

And, let’s not forget that these dogs and their handlers also help out in another way. After all, they prevent the loss of government revenue from duty and sales tax when non-counterfeit products are smuggled in.

To Sum Up

When detector dogs sniff out spiked cigarettes they are saving lives. Moreover, this is yet another example of what happens when humans and animals work as a team. Truly great things happen.